Friday, July 15, 2011

Girls Wake Night

Amie Seier is getting some girls together for an all female wake night! If you're like me, and a total noob, this is a perfect chance to get out and learn with the girls. It's held at Adrenaline Adventures, a newly built cable park. Word is it will be about 40$ for the session, but hopefully Amie will work some magic for us. Check out the event page on facebook for more details.

Adrenaline Adventures Wakeboarding Teaser from Mike Fisette on Vimeo.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Girls Skate Night: July 12 2011.

5 of us met up at Komenda last night. We spent most of our time getting a feel for the bowl section, chatting, and even did a little cell phone filming. It was a pretty fun time! If you're in Winnipeg, get a hold of us and come out!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Donate-A-Skate is starting back up, but this time with a new plan!

Once the donations are assembled into completes, we will bring them to the park, choose some lucky kiddos, and make them feel double hyped with a photo and mini-interview, such as why they like skateboarding, what do they hope to learn on their new board, who their favorite skater is - They get a chance to develop new dreams and goals, while you get to learn more about the little buddy who's life you are helping to make a difference in!

So save up your old trucks, decks, wheels, anything, and toss them this way, and hold fast for what comes next.

Girls Skate Nights.

Once and awhile some of us girls in Winnipeg get together for skate nights at the park. Keep checking blog updates for photos of the sessions and skate dates.

Skate session tonight at Komenda park! 8 o clock PM.